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The Italian-Canadian Archives of Quebec at the Casa d’Italia needs your help to document COVID-19 in our community so our memories can be preserved.

Dear friends,

We are going through some unusual and very difficult times as the pandemic affects us all. We hope you and your families and friends are well and are staying safe. 

The Italian-Canadian Archives of Quebec at the Casa d’Italia is closed to the public because of the coronavirus, as is the Casa d’Italia building. The Archives is working from home and you can reach us by e-mail. 

We know there are many things happening to you and your families in this difficult time. We think it is a moment that the Archives should try to document so the memories can be preserved. We would like to invite you to send us an e-mail, or several e-mails, telling us about how your lives have been affected by the pandemic. We know there are difficult and sad moments, times of great fear, many changes in your daily lives, and certainly some moments of joy. We would like to hear from you – in Italian, English, or French – so we can record these memories as part of our history. 

You can send us an e-mail at:

We would love to have messages and photographs that tell your personal and family stories, or stories about your work and how things are changing. 

We will put some of these messages onto this website and will place everything you send us into the Archives. The website is under construction but will be updated as we receive submissions.

Please also feel free to send us written submissions, journals or diaries if that is what you prefer. These can be mailed to us at any time, at:

Italian-Canadian Archives of Quebec at the Casa d’Italia
505 Jean-Talon east
Montreal, Quebec H2R 1T6

Get in touch with us if you have any questions or problems. 

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